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Wondering if your house needs a rewire, or what that burning smell means? We try to answer your most common electrical questions here. But, if you think you may have an electrical emergency brewing, don't delay, call us now. No question is too dumb regarding electrical safety in the home or business.

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Feel free to use the email contact form at the foot of this page or on our contact page to send any questions you have relating to electrical safety or how you can upgrade your own wiring or electrical systems. 

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Electrical Emergency

by admin,

9 Common Electrical Emergencies That Need An Electrician ASAP Not sure what constitutes an electrical emergency? Read on… Power Loss Planned electricity company power cuts may be inconvenient, but it’s not an emergency. However, a complete loss of power that only affects your home, is…

Electrical Maintenance

by admin,

Electrical preventive maintenance is one of the most important functions required to be performed to maintain the reliability of electrical systems, and for the protection of equipment and people. Poorly maintained circuitry and appliances can injure or kill, and destroy property if not maintained properly.…

Shocking Advice

by admin,

Doing your own electrical work during COVID-19 lockdown? If the virus doesn’t get you, UK Government Electrical Safety Regulations just might. While doing a spot of DIY electrical work yourself may seem like a good idea, most of the time it’s not that simple. For…


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Great service, installed the new light fixtures in minutes. The worker went above and beyond, helping us to change over a problematic burnt out bathroom spotlight.

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Very reasonably priced. Came at the weekend and saved us having to have cold showers and freezer thawing. Polite and hard working. Thank you.

Great service on a bank holiday weekend and problem solved in a few seconds!