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Electrical Engineering Services For Residential Properties

Putney Domestic Electricians & Electrical Services in London

Putney Electricians Residential Electrical Installation & Repair Services In Putney
The integrity of our home or business premises electrics are essential for your comfort and safety. So when you need working sockets and reliable lighting upgrades, call Putney Electricians.
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Residential Electrical Services

Domestic Electrical Design & Installation, Wiring Repairs & Electrical Home Improvement Upgrades

Even the best maintained home needs electrical repairs eventually, especially if it's not been rewired in the last 25 years. We provide a full range of residential electrical services in Putney, London.
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Typical Domestic Electricians Services

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Full & Partial House Rewiring

Putney Electricians provide a full rewiring service for all types of property, from flats to terraces, cottages to mansions. Rewiring will probably be necessary if your property has not been rewired in the last 25 – 30 years, not just to ensure it complies with current safety standards, but also we use more electrical & electronic devices and appliances today than we did 20+ years ago.

Putney Electricians handle everything from initial survey and quotation, to the safe installation of your new wiring and fuse boards + certification of the installation on completion. You can rest assured that all work will be carried out with minimal disruption and in accordance with all relevant regulations and safety standards.

We provide a free survey and fixed price for full and partial rewires, so you’ll know the exact cost upfront and won’t be hit with any nasty surprises once work is completed. Price is dependent on the size of the job and the property. A full rewire of a 4-bed house will usually cost more than a 2-bed property. Similarly, rewiring a kitchen extension will not usually cost as much as a full property rewire.

We also offer partial rewiring for major renovations such as new extensions, garage, basement and loft conversions. Defined as ‘material alterations’, along with new wiring, improvements to the wiring in existing rooms may also be required to ensure it can safely carry additional loads.

Defined as ‘material alterations’, not only will your new wiring require to be earthed and cross-bonded, but improvements to wiring in existing rooms may also be required to ensure it can safely carry additional loads, and meets energy efficiency requirements e.g. central heating controls, to comply with Building Regulations.

Regular improvements and upgrades to your home help improve its value, while providing you with a more attractive and comfortable living space. For example installing energy efficient kitchen & garden LED lighting, or Smart Home Automation systems to control all your electrical equipment from a single control panel.

remote smart home automation of electrical systems

Home Automation Systems Installation

Technology is now powering more and more of the electrical and electronic equipment and appliances we use in our homes. Using Smart Home Automation, any householder can benefit from the latest “The Internet of Things” technology.

Our electricians can install Smart Home Automation in your home to remotely programme almost any suitable electrical or electronic equipment in your home. Remote control devices can be used to switch on lights throughout your home, programme your oven to switch on automatically, and more, even when you’re not home.

While early home automation systems were limited to basic lamp timers and automated holiday lighting, today’s technology has evolved and the possibilities are endless. In addition to turning lights on and off, you can now lock your front door and check on your kids at home while you’re at work.

Not just for new-build housing, home automation systems cabling can be retro-fitted.

We can install the necessary equipment and upgrade your wiring to improve your family’s safety, comfort, convenience and enjoyment. Typical wiring upgrades include cabling for: CAT 5/6 communications, HDMI connections, speakers, COAX, fiber-optics, alarms, small power lighting controls.

You’ll also need a Home Automation controller. There are a multitude of systems available on the market,  from simple push-button wall panels to systems that integrate with smart phone apps.  We can advise you on which is best for you depending on your needs. Affordable home automation solutions offer you any combination of: